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About Us

    My mother and I bought our first Silky in 1976 - an adult. "Mufa" was purchased as a show dog,  but as she was very set in her ways and refused to walk on the left-hand side and was petrified of cameras, this didn't work out. But she was very special, and we loved her and fell in love with the breed because of her.

    We didn't get seriously into breeding or showing until the mid-80's when we placed a show prospect with a Minister and his wife. That puppy became our first homebred Champion - Ch. Hopepark's Hello Dolly and we've never looked back.

    To date we have bred 57 Champions
(that's all homebred champions - not counting dogs we have purchased elsewhere and shown to their titles)  and their accomplishments are many.... the majority are Group winners and/or placers, 2 are National Specialty B.O.B. winners, 1 is a Regional Specialty B.O.B. winner, 2 were Top Silkys in Canada, numerous others were in the Top Ten. There have been  Best Puppy In Show winners, Best Brace In Show winners, Top Producer's and Register Of Merit qualifiers. And best of all, there have been wonderful companions who have enriched the lives of the people whose hearts they have won over.

    We live on a half acre on the edge of a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Population of 100 (but I think they count everyone's pets).  The property is fenced and the dogs enjoy running in the yard while we are working in the garden.   Sometimes they try to help, but they seem to have problems identifying what is a weed and what is a flower before they dig it up!!!

    We have won the Pedigree Breeder Award offered by Effem Foods several times, and tied on others. We are both long-time members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and just received our 20 year pins in February 2002.

    Both of us have been extremely active in volunteering with the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club (National) Inc., and between us over the years have held the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director with the Club. Currently I am the Western Vice-President and co-Editor of Soft As Silk (the club's bi-monthly newsmagazine),
and my mother is Treasurer and Club Historian/Statistician. I also coordinate Silky Rescue for the Club and have put on several Specialties and assisted with others.

    Our pet puppies on sold on non-breeding contracts and must be spayed or neutered by six months. (If they are sold outside Canada they will be altered before being shipped.) All our dogs come with written guarantees, 4 generation pedigrees and health records. We are always available for advice and assistance and we love to receive photo's of the puppies in their new homes!

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