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Silkys in Obedience & More

The Silky Terrier is bright and alert and can do extremely well at a variety of tasks if given half a chance. I personally do not do obedience with my dogs - but that doesn't mean they can't do it!
 Heather Somers of British Columbia started with just one Silky; that puppy became:
CH, OTCH. U-CD Hopepark's Naughty But Nice TDX, CGC, FD, ADC, Am.CDX. (pictured at left)
From "Gayna" came her kids and grand-kids: Darla, Rudy & Pasha. All of them boast a string of titles after their names. Just take a look at a few of the fields that Heather Somers and her quartet of talented Silkys have taken on....

Utility                                            Flyball
Cart Pulling                                                          Agility

Sheep Herding

Well.... can they do it all, or what!

Another talented duo is the team of Meredith Reeve and her senior Silky: Finnegan.
Finnegan has proven once again that you can teach an old dog new tricks!  He just loves doing Agility, hiking with Meredith, and participates in lots of doggy walks for charity. Finnegan was born in March of 1991. Here are some pictures of this spunky little man taken in 2003:


For more details on what the Silky can do, you can visit the website for the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club and read all  about it. The link is available on my Links page.

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